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At the age of seven, Joe Eggmolesse was taken from his family, put on a train under police escort, and sent to a leprosarium on Fantome Island, located off the north Queensland coast. Many years later, he returns to confront the memory of his childhood on the island, to pay tribute to those who lived and died there and to inscribe his own unique story into official Australian history. Drawing on an evocative archive, the film exposes how an ideology of racism and eugenics worked to justify horrific treatment of Australia's Indigenous communities. In uncovering this shameful history, Fantome Island is a testimony of strength and endurance, demonstrating one man's incredible capacity for forgiveness and love.

Directed by: Sean Gilligan
Produced by: Sean Gilligan & Adrian Strong​

​Edited by: Sean Gilligan & Adrian Strong

​Music by: David Lazar

​Sound Design by: Tfer Newsome

Executive Producer: Mark Newman

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